Tracks greyed out and unplayable – from iTunes Match / Apple Music

If you can’t download, play, or access songs First check iTunes to see if the song is ineligible for upload. Additionally, if you added the song to your library from the Apple Music catalog, it might no longer be available on Apple Music. If you can’t connect to a Wi-Fi network on your iOS device, you can try using cellular data: Turn on Use Cellular Data. You might have to pay a fee to download over a cellular network. If some of your songs are missing or the song names appear in gray text If songs that you bought are missing or the song names appear in gray text, they might use digital rights management DRM. You need to authorize your computer before you can play these songs.

Why are the Match On options grayed out?

Excel grays out menu commands for unavailable features or functions. To unlock the grayed-out menus, first review the most common causes, then take the steps necessary make the menu active. Compatibility Mode By default, Excel allows you to opens workbooks created in Excel in compatibility mode to preserve the integrity of older file versions.

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This is by design as there are certain conditions where the options will be unavailable for selection. Selecting components to match on The availability of one or more message components to match on depends on the type of rule or exception condition you implement. Envelope If the condition supports matching on the Envelope component, select it to match on the message metadata. The envelope contains the header, transport information, and the subject if the message is an SMTP email.

If the condition does not support matching on the Envelope component, this option is grayed out. If the condition matches on the entire message, the Envelope is selected and cannot be deselected, and the other components cannot be selected. Subject Certain detection conditions match on the Subject component for some types of messages.

Invite to game greyed out?

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Subscribe via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But you know why his error arising? Why this error comes? If you deleted any songs on your computer and you not updated on iTunes, if that deleted songs still listing on your iTunes and when it sync with your iPhone, missed or deleted songs will displays as grayed out songs. In this article you will get how to fix grayed list of songs and files list on your apple gadgets.

Method 1 to Fix grayed out Songs: You should want to fix this grayed out error means you need make ReSync on your iPhone with your iTunes. Because when you sync is processing if any network problem done the grayed out error may chance to occur. So you ReSync properly. Method 2 to Fix grayed out Songs: This is method 2 to fix grayed out error, when your songs are moved to another folder may chance to occur on iTunes so grayed out error occurs.

So check the files are in correct folder. And recheck your iTunes library then automatically your playlist and libraries are refreshed and detect correct songs only.

iTunes Match Doesn’t Work on iTunes 12.2.1 – How to Fix

Click the icon to reconnect. Check the Audio Format of the problem track If you are unable to play certain tracks, it may be that they are unsupported formats or DRM protected tracks. To check this issue, navigate to iTunes and select the track you are unable to play. Under the File tab, look for Kind. When you encounter this issue of DRM protected tracks, there are a few options for you to consider.

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Events The events page provides a list of the generated events.

Some Songs in Apple Music are Greyed Out

What Is iTunes Match, Really? If not, your songs are uploaded as is. You can overwrite your local, lower quality media, with higher quality kbs version from iTunes Match. And yes, this includes songs you have pirated, downloaded, borrowed off a mate, or ripped at a low quality from your own CDs. Bear in mind that a kbs file is going to be twice as large as one encoded at kbs though. Once in the cloud, your entire music library is available to download or stream on up to 5 devices registered to your iTunes account.

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You can use the in-game Report button for the following situations: Matchmaking is not based on Age, but power level.

Excel Sort and Filter Icon is Grayed Out [Fixed]

Do you wonder why sometimes menu commands are greyed out and some tools don’t work in Adobe Photoshop? Unless the selected layer is simply invisible hidden , most likely this is because you are either in 8 bit mode colors or full tonal range of one color – e. You can look around your panels palettes but there is one place in Photoshop’s interface that will show you the reasons and it’s simply called the Title Bar.

Title Bar tells you which layer maybe hidden or channel is selected at the present time, whether you are in the Quick Mask mode or on the Layer Mask, and what’s the composite mode of your image.

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Simply try out these easy solutions to get them going again. Sponsored Links Sometimes, songs on the Music app just get greyed out and you can’t play them. It’s usually a problem with sync and there’s nothing to worry about when songs get greyed out on your iPhone. Before we try to fix it, it’s better that you understand why this happens. In most cases, it’s a sync issue. But there could other reasons as well. The songs could also be DRM protected or in unsupported format.

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How to Unlock Grayed-Out Menus in Excel 2007

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